Frequently Asked Questions


Why so cheap?

With today's technology and easy access to relevant information there is really no need for the exuberant fee's traditional real estate agents charge. 

What kind of service do I get with only $1,500?

I run my real estate business differently than any other agent in Utah. I train daily and work my hardest to be the best negotiator, best communicator, and overall give you the best experience from start to end. 

Are you like other discount brokerages where they list and forget?

No. I will be walking you through the entire process and proving updates throughout. That way, you feel comfortable and confident, making for an even better experience.

Why should I pay you when I can sell my home myself?

I truly believe that you can sell your home yourself in this market. The question is how much money are you leaving on the table when you sell? In Utah, there is up to a $30,000 difference between what you can get yourself and what a licensed professional can get for you. 

What kind of marketing are you going to do for me?

You will get what every other agent is doing for their clients plus a little more. You will have the sign out front, lockbox on the front door, social media marketing, and full MLS marketing. Your home will be shared to 10,000+ websites across the country. All while I actively prospect daily to find you a buyer. 

When do I pay you?

Just like a traditional real estate transaction you don't pay until the job is done and your home is sold. This separates Homesale from our competition, we take the risk for you so there's no initial investment on your part.